A Note from the Intern Desk

Guest post by Mackenzie Winterowd, Intern, Fall 2014

Mackenzie WinterowdMy name is Mackenzie Winterowd and I am a Communications and Social Media Intern for the American Red Cross Serving Central Texas. I began my internship with the Red Cross in May of 2014 and what an experience it has been! I decided to apply for the Red Cross internship last summer, knowing that some experience working in an office environment for well-known national brand would give me a leg up in the job market after graduation from Texas State. I have worked for a large grocery store for more than four years and, even though I have learned valuable lessons there, nothing compares to what I have learned at the Red Cross.

Before I could begin my first day, I had to complete an online orientation in which I learned about the creation of the National Red Cross in Europe by Henry Dunant and the foundation of the organization in the United States in 1881 by Clara Barton. After a history lesson, I learned of all that the Red Cross does to help locally and worldwide. I remember thinking to myself that if I were to be tested on all of this that there was no way I would pass.

With my supervisor Bristel Minsker (right) at a Service to the Armed Forces fundraiser at Carved Stone, Inc. in Dripping Springs, Texas.
With my supervisor Bristel Minsker (right) at a Service to the Armed Forces fundraiser at Carved Stone, Inc. in Dripping Springs, Texas.

The first few weeks of my internship were quite overwhelming. I was confused by acronyms, names, all of the different positions, and trying to learn the office culture. It amazed me how much everyone at the Central Texas chapter did and how much cooperation it takes to successfully complete a task. A victory for one is a victory for all. In order for the Red Cross to successfully fulfill its mission, everyone has to be on the same page. We have to be unified and consistent, and, above all, we must keep the mission in mind: helping alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies.

I have also learned from my Red Cross colleagues how important it is to continue to carry your humanity and common sense with you, even when you have a job to do under tight deadlines. I learned to put myself in the place of the individuals we are helping and always put them first.

One of the biggest differences I noticed in my non-profit experience with the Red Cross versus my experience at a large corporations is that my Red Cross colleagues excel at balancing care and compassion with efficiency – finding new and creative ways to get the job done under stressful conditions, and still help our clients in a friendly and human way. That is the basis of the organization. We were begun by a woman who was so moved and distraught with what she saw going on in her own country during the Civil War, she created a way to help. Her dream has become a legacy. Now, we are able to help people worldwide because of the care and compassion of those who donate. It is a giving circle. You help us so we can continue to help others.

At the Night of 50,000 Lives at Parkside restaurant in Austin, Texas, with Lydia Chambers (center) and Reihaneh Hajibeigi (right).
At the Night of 50,000 Lives at Parkside restaurant in Austin, Texas, with Lydia Chambers (center) and Reihaneh Hajibeigi (right).

I have been fortunate to see this circle in action. I was lucky enough to volunteer at fundraising events such as a Service to the Armed Forces reception in Dripping Springs and The Night of 50,000 Lives in Austin. Night of 50,000 lives enabled us to raise more than $50,000 and provide vaccinations to children who are not otherwise able to receive the measles and rubella vaccine.

Unfortunately, my internship is ending in December. This is an experience I will greatly miss and would not trade it for anything. I made videos, wrote blog articles and press releases, managed social media, and learned so much!

To the Red Cross volunteers and staff members who mentored and inspired me, know that you all hold a dear place in my heart. Thanks for all of the memories, laughs, and most of all, for such a grand adventure!

Red Cross volunteers facilitate shelter operations

One Year Update: Halloween Floods

It’s been nearly one year since the Halloween Floods devastated parts of Central Texas. Over the past twelve months, the American Red Cross has worked closely with the long term recovery team, other non-profit organizations and city officials to support the needs of the community.
Thanks to the generosity of donors the Red Cross had the opportunity to provide rental assistance for those families whose homes were destroyed or sustained major damage from the floods. The Central Texas community is resilient; however, the road to recovery is a long one. For a full update, our one year report is now available here.

Austin based volunteer Ken Armstrong lends a hand to Cruz Roja following Hurricane Odile

Central Texas Red Cross Volunteer Lends a Hand in Hurricane Relief

Ken Armstrong
Ken Armstrong

The following is a first hand account from local volunteer Ken Armstrong, who traveled to Mexico for a vacation earlier this month. Little did Ken know, he would transition from tourist to disaster responder in the blink of an eye.

I didn’t quite expect a roller coaster of a vacation when I arrived at my hotel in San Jose del Cabo on Sunday, several hours before the hurricane hit the coast. Immediately the scene turned chaotic. The hotel staff requested all guests vacate their private rooms and congregate into a large room near the lobby for the night.

They moved all 200 guests, 75 staff and 5 children to a big room surrounded with windows. One by one, the windows began shattering all around us. This disaster was not commonly experienced in the tourist site, and many people were truly frightened. Thankfully, everyone survived the night with only a few minor injuries.Cruz Roja Paramedics

As time went on, we were able to locate a few firefighters, paramedics and doctors among the guests, all who were visiting from America. We had a diabetic guest who was suffering medical complications, and an internal medicine specialist began assisting her needs. I notified hotel management that I am a volunteer with the American Red Cross, and they asked me to put on a vest and begin assisting tourists. We appointed the young children “Assistant Red Cross Volunteers,” and slowly the tense atmosphere began to relax.

The area in and around the hotel was devastated. Many guest rooms were filled with water, including my own that housed a foot of water in the living area. Rental cars were thrown all around the parking lot after gusting winds of 125-130 MPH. Even though the massive storm surge was absent, the scene around us reminded me of the disastrous Hurricane Katrina.Cruz Roja volunteers distribute food.

On Thursday there was a mandatory government evacuation of all tourists, and I drove to San Lucas to volunteer with Cruz Roja. La Cruz Roja is primarily staffed by paramedic ambulance teams, and their response was fantastic. They were highly-trained and hard-working. The community was left with no electricity, no running water, limited gasoline and a short food supply.

As a disaster responder, I have worked on many disaster-relief operations, but I have never seen such a resilient and patient community. With the help of government soldiers and police, volunteers were able to distribute supplies to the hundreds of people in need. It’s still hard to believe that I was actually working in the same area that I read about in American media.

Austin based volunteer Ken Armstrong lends a hand to Cruz Roja following Hurricane Odile
Austin based volunteer Ken Armstrong lends a hand to Cruz Roja following Hurricane Odile

As the only American Red Cross volunteer, I began doing casework, particularly with Americans trying to contact their families. Because the weather knocked out most cell towers, internet and phone service was disrupted, and people had no way to notify their families back home they were safe. Aside from doing casework, I assisted in the clinic where people would come in with a variety of medical issues.

Just like the American Red Cross, majority of the La Cruz Roja workforce consists of volunteers. They are responsible for other day-to-day jobs and providing for their families, but they remained dedicated to helping the community in need. What commitment! They were in desperate need of supplies and help, but as they received donations, they were quick to distribute aid to the neighborhoods, including the always-familiar Red Cross Food Boxes. I was asked by another volunteer if someone could train them in disaster response, so they could better serve and assist their community. The dedication they have truly embodies the values of the Red Cross, and I was honored to serve alongside their volunteers.Cruz Roja Food Distribution #2


Internships Available

Want to get experience or earn credit while working at an organization that gives back?  Explore our many opportunities for interns.  Work for the Red Cross and support our lifesaving mission, while gaining valuable professional skills and building your resume with real-world experience.

We have internships in many different departments, and we offer flexible scheduling.  Interns have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience, learn professional responsibility and work with a mentor in their field.

Internships are available year round in the spring, summer, and fall.

Application Instructions:

Interested applicants should submit a resume and cover letter to Jose Dominguez at jose.dominguez@redcross.org for review and consideration.  Applicants are accepted year round so be sure to indicate your desired time frame for an internship and which office within our region you would like to be based out of.

If there is not an internship you are interested in however you feel you have something to offer we will consider special requests and projects if it can benefit our organization.

Mission Statement:

The American Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.



Department:  Communications

Open to:  Current college and graduate students and professionals looking for experience

Employment Category:  Unpaid Internship, Academic credit available

We are looking for talented and creative individuals to help maintain and improve our communications network through traditional and new media projects.  This person will report directly to the Regional Director of Communications and should provide creative ideas and innovative solutions for our nonprofit to maintain positive public opinion and increase fundraising opportunities.

Responsibilities include:

  • Media appearances as assigned
  • Responding to disaster media requests as assigned
  • Writing, editing and publishing news releases and blog articles
  • Using Twitter to promote regional events, safety information and communicate with our online community
  • Writing, editing and publishing blog articles
  • Evaluating and monitoring appropriate metrics
  • Managing chapter Facebook accounts and Flickr page
  • Encouraging volunteers, community members and staff members to engage in social media

Required Skills:

  • Experience with Facebook, Twitter and related social media tools; knowledge of FBML preferred
  • Familiarity with photo and video sharing applications including Flickr and YouTube
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office including Outlook
  • Public relations background or experience a plus


Department:  Development

Open to:  Current college and graduate students and professionals looking for experience

Employment Category:  Unpaid Internship, Academic credit available

We are seeking a dynamic and energetic individual to report directly to the Chief Development Officer/Executive Director of one of our Community Chapters and work closely with other members of the Development team to advance our fundraising capabilities.  This intern will work on special development projects, attend onsite and offsite meetings and represent the chapter at events.

Responsibilities include:

  • Supporting and promoting various fundraising projects within the chapter
  • Working closely with Executive Directors/Development staff to increase fundraising efforts within the chapter
  • Executing Development project research
  • Representing the Red Cross at events
  • Other duties as assigned

Required Skills:

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Excel Word, Outlook)
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Willingness to speak with donors, potential sponsors and corporate partners


Department:  Disaster Services

Open to:  Current high school, college and graduate students and professional looking for experience

Employment Category:  Unpaid Internship, Academic credit available

The American Red Cross Central Texas Region responds to a disaster every 48 hours.  This internship will provide a firsthand experience of how we help disaster victims, as well as how our organization coordinates with other agencies and nonprofits to assist community members when they need it the most.  This intern will work in coordination with other emergency preparedness and response staff and volunteers to provide emergency relief and preparedness services to clients in the Central Texas area.

Responsibilities include:

  • Educating the community at preparedness events and community education courses
  • Assisting volunteer instructors as they provide disaster response training
  • Learning how to assist the client (client casework) and coordinating with referral agencies to provide additional services
  • Administrative duties: filing, sorting and answering phones

Required Skills:

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office and Internet-based applications
  • Bilingual (Spanish/English) translation skills to work with a variety of community members preferred
  • Previous volunteer experience in nonprofit or public health sector preferred
  • Ability to work with sensitive information and maintain confidentiality


Department:  Operations

Open to:  Current college and graduate students and professionals looking for experience

Employment Category:  Unpaid Internship, Academic credit available

We are looking for talented and creative individuals to build and support our Internal Service Programs.  This person will report directly to the Regional Chief Operating Officer and should provide creative ideas and innovative solutions for our nonprofit to help build, maintain and grow our program in the Central Texas community.

The American Red Cross helps vulnerable people around the world prevent, prepare for and respond to disasters, complex humanitarian emergencies and life-threatening health conditions. We do this by:

• Responding and meeting needs when international disasters strike

• Better preparing communities around the world for future disasters

• Preventing disease and responding to global public health emergencies

• Promoting international humanitarian law and issues

• Reconnecting family members separated by war or disaster

When the American Red Cross works internationally, it must be both invited by and work collaboratively with the host or affected Red Cross national society. Together, we form the largest humanitarian network in the world.  Every effort strengthens this bond working towards one common goal: alleviating human suffering.

Responsibilities/Project Areas could include:

  • Obtain training as a Restoring Family Links Caseworker
  • Provide Restoring Family Links casework
  • Create Q&A Brochure for Clients
  • Research local resources available to refugees and immigrants
  • Build local reference guide for caseworkers
  • Promote programs throughout Central Texas community
  • Research Central Texas community to determine ethnic and potential refugee makeup

Required Skills:

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel Word, Outlook)
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Ability to work with sensitive information and maintain confidentiality


Department:  Operations

Open to:  Current college and graduate students and professionals looking for experience

Employment Category:  Unpaid Internship, Academic credit available

We are looking for talented and creative individuals to support and collaborate with the Operations Team with special projects or tasks.  This person will report directly to the Regional Chief Operating Officer and should provide creative ideas and innovative solutions for our nonprofit to increase efficiency and workflow.

Responsibilities/Project Areas could include:

  • Perform general clerical work including; filing, call-downs, collating materials, and copying when necessary
  • Keep all information confidential
  • Assist with purchasing for the region
  • Assist with facility management and maintenance
  • Process and code deposits
  • Attend meetings with and on behalf of Operations Team
  • Process requests for system access
  • Human Resources
  • Documenting Policies & Procedures
  • Research vendors
  • Post outgoing mail
  • Develop and document new procedures and processes for information flow

Required Skills:

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Excel Word, Outlook)
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Ability to work with sensitive information and maintain confidentiality


Department:  Volunteer Services

Open to:  Current high school, college and graduate students

Employment Category:  Unpaid internship, academic credit available

In an attempt to prepare the community for disasters and to spread the word about safety, the American Red Cross attends and produces outreach events.  The intern would be responsible for managing the event invitations, planning events, preparing materials and coordinating and managing volunteers at events.  This intern reports directly to the Volunteer Services Manager.

Responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating with area agencies, nonprofits and educational facilities
  • Preparing and designing materials for outreach events
  • Working in coordination with volunteers to represent the Red Cross within the community
  • Determining appropriate locations for safety information distribution
  • Speaking to area associations and organizations about the American Red Cross

Required Skills:

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Ability to speak confidently before a crowd
  • Willingness to work with a diverse set of people and help the Central Texas Region prepare for disasters


Department:  Service to the Armed Forces

Open to:  Current high school, college and graduate students

Employment Category:  Unpaid Internship, Academic credit available

We are seeking an organized and talented intern to support and collaborate with the Service to Armed Forces Team on SAF Casework and special projects, i.e. the Veterans History Project.  This intern will report directly to our Service to the Armed Forces Manager.

Responsibilities include:

  • Obtain SAF Caseworker Training, assist with casework follow-up
  • Assist/Cover Yellow Ribbon Events
  • Veterans History Project:
    • Obtain oral histories of veterans on video
    • Format videos for Library of Congress
    • Prepare materials for volunteers
    • Work with Volunteer Services to recruit additional SAF volunteers to cover various SAF activities throughout the region

Required Skills:

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Knowledge of military helpful, but not required


Department:  Volunteer Services

Open to:  Current high school, college and graduate students

Employment Category:  Unpaid Internship, Academic credit available

We are seeking an organized intern to increase interest in youth programs and to help develop interesting programs, events and opportunities for area youth.  This intern will report directly to the Volunteer Services Manager and will also work closely with Volunteer Services Specialist in the region.

Responsibilities include:

  • Developing plan for Central Texas Youth Council, recruiting members and coordinating meetings and community service projects
  • Proposing ideas for sustainment and recruitment for youth volunteers in collaboration with youth organizations, schools and religious institutions
  • Collaborating and communicating with youth organizations and clubs in area universities, high schools and religious groups
  • Assisting in development of a two day youth leadership conferences (components include recruiting speakers, attracting students, coordinating of events workshop, coordinating food, etc.)
  • Improving relationships with youth volunteers in the Central Texas Region

Required Skills:

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Previous experience in extracurricular organizations at the high school or college level (clubs, societies, etc.)

July Volunteer Spotlight

Central Texas Chapter: Ken Armstrong
Since becoming a volunteer Ken has been actively involved in many areas: presenting NEVO orientations, CAC activation, updating Volunteer Connection by taking photos at various events, getting volunteers to fill out CAPSS surveys, and providing administration/reception support. He has participated in the volunteer portfolio initiative and was actively involved with contacting volunteers in relation to attending the Volunteer Recognition Dinner. He is also involved with the Disaster Action Team, Service to Armed Forces programs, and Public Affairs. Ken does it all!

Heart of Texas Chapter: Gerry Priori
Gerry Priori has been volunteering with the Red Cross for many years. As a Health Services volunteer, not only does Gerry help with referrals, he also educates the Health Services Community about available Red Cross services. A special thanks goes out to him for watching over our Killeen Offices over the last few weeks. Gerry is always eager to help and learn with an open heart and mind. We are grateful for his service!

Hill Country Chapter: Annie DuBois
Annie DuBois recently became our Veteran’s History Project lead for the Hill Country Chapter. She started with the Red Cross in February, and has been trying out many different volunteer opportunities within the Red Cross…until she found her place with the Veteran’s History Project. We know that under her guidance, many Hill Country Chapter veterans will have the opportunity to share their life stories with future generations.

West Central Texas Chapter: Norvell Holveck
Norvell Holveck is a tremendous asset to the American Red Cross. His knowledge and expertise in regards to damage assessment was invaluable in our recent tornado response. Norvell coordinated a group of 10 volunteers to do damage assessment throughout the city of San Angelo. He is also one of our primary instructors and always makes class interesting for his students.

June 2014 Volunteers of the Month

June Volunteer Spotlight

Central Texas Chapter: Lisa Bovee

Lisa Bovee is a go-to public affairs volunteer who never hesitates to try something new. She works with the media like she was born to do it and supports her fellow volunteers when they need backup. Lisa leads by example in everything she does, and is never afraid to try something new. If there is a job that needs to get done, she is happy to pitch in and help.

West Central Texas Chapter: Tammy Haines

Tammy is one of our newer volunteers but definitely does not act like it.  She has taken up any opportunity to increase her role within the Red Cross and is also an active DAT responder and helps cover the office on Fridays.  In addition, she has been an active voice for the Red Cross in the community and through her we have added additional volunteers to the chapter. Thank you for your service!

Hill Country Chapter: Kathleen Marshall

Kathleen, or “Ms. Kathy” as we affectionately call her, is one of our office squad volunteers and is a friendly face who greets our visitors on 333 Earl Garrett.   She is very helpful around the office and is always eager to keep herself busy.   She is reliable and really seeks to improve things throughout the chapter office.

Heart of Texas Chapter: Bill Madden

Bill Madden has been a dedicated volunteer with us for many years. From helping maintain our Emergency Vehicle to lending a hand at any event we have, Bill is ready and willing to help! Recently, he spent a few weeks in Arkansas helping with Mass Care/Feeding after the tornadoes.  His generous and open personality helped make the Red Cross’ efforts there a huge success and we are grateful to have such an amazing volunteer with us!


May Volunteer Spotlight

West Central Texas Volunteer of the Month:  Fred Anderson  

FVolunteer_May_Fredred has been with the West Central Texas chapter for more than a year and has recently assumed an increased leadership role.   He is currently a Disaster Assessment Team member who has responded to several fires.  Additionally, he took on the role of Disaster Assessment Lead and has been analyzing potential points of concern within the chapter area.


Hill Country Volunteer of the Month:  Jacquelyn Lacefield

Volunteer_May_JackieJackie has been volunteering with the Red Cross for only a few months, but has become active in many different areas. She primarily volunteers with Preparedness Health and Safety Services, and she recently completed a large inventory project and helped out with a first aid tent at a large event over the Easter holiday.




Heart of Texas Volunteer of the Month: Edward Jaworksy

Ed JaworskyEdward Jaworsky has been a fantastic Red Cross volunteer with us since October when h​e immediately stepped up to help during the Austin Flooding. Aside from being a Disaster Assessment volunteer, he recently became one of our newest Disaster Services Technology volunteers in Waco! Edward has spent part of the past month whipping our office technology into shape. We are so thankful for his expertise and service.




Central Texas Volunteer of the Month: Jo Anne Ortiz

Volunteer_May_JoAnneJo Anne is a fearless leader of the Public Affairs team and a skilled Red Cross instructor. From teaching workshops to responding to fires to attending community outreach events, she never hesitates to represent the Red Cross in our community. Thank you, Jo Anne!

Red Cross volunteers facilitate shelter operations

Providing Help and Hope After Disaster: One Year Ago, Six Months Ago and Today

A Letter from Marty McKellips, Regional Chief Executive Officer, Central Texas Region

Dear Friends of the Red Cross,

Today marks the six month anniversary of the deadly Halloween floods in Austin. We have just passed the one year anniversary of the tragic fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas.  Today the American Red Cross is deeply involved in assisting people in Midwestern and Southern states begin their recovery from devastating storms and tornadoes.  During each of these disasters the Red Cross has supplied food, water, shelter, medications, mental health assistance and hope.

The support of our entire community is what has made this assistance possible.  Even as we continue to work in all these communities, I wanted to update you on how your support is being used to help families survive and recover.  Below are reports about Red Cross services and programs in all three of these disasters.  I have included the story of one flood victim, Viola Brown.  Ms. Brown is a great example of an extremely resilient person who just needed a little boost from the Red Cross.  Your help gave her that boost.

I invite you to read these stories to appreciate how much you have helped people on their very worst day.  From the bottom of my heart,  thank you for making these stories possible.  If you are moved to support us now as we work with the victims of spring storms and tornadoes,  visit www.redcross.org or call us at (512) 929-4271.

Central Texas Halloween Floods: Six Months Later Mental Health Visit

In the 6 months since record rainfall caused flash flooding in the early morning hours of Halloween, more than 1,200 have begun rebuilding their lives after their homes were damaged or destroyed by the flood waters. American Red Cross responders and caring Central Texans sprang into action and worked tirelessly to help families touched by the disaster get back on their feet.

Today, six months after the flood waters began rising Halloween morning, the American Red Cross is a partner in long range recovery efforts and continues to provide services for some affected families. The Red Cross is also working with community groups and officials to strengthen the resilience of affected communities and Central Texans generally. We say thank you to everyone who participated in or donated to our response efforts!

Your support came at a critical time for the American Red Cross of Central Texas and helped disaster clients like Viola Brown, whose home was devastated by the 2013 Halloween floods. Your support has made a difference! Your generosity tells our families that someone believes in them, someone they might not even know and that is powerful. You are moving the Red Cross mission forward, thank you!


Spotlight: A Story of Survival


Response by the NumbersATXFloods_CleanUp

The American Red Cross gave shelter, food, water, relief supplies and other support to families-thanks to the generosity of our donors:

  • Served 101,514 meals and snacks
  • Handed out 14,153 relief items
  • Mobilized 328 workers
  • Provided 1,608 health and mental contacts


One Year Update: West, Texas Fertilizer Plant ExplosionMark Felton in front of Apartments

One year ago, an explosion at a fertilizer plant devastated the close-knit community of West, Texas. Known for its deep Texas roots and Czech heritage, the town of West has proven its resilience and strength as the residents heal and rebuild after experiencing the unthinkable. Please click here for the West One Year Report.


Spring Storms:  Red Cross is on the Ground

The Red Cross has opened and supported shelters in seven states.  As weather permits the Red Cross is distributing snacks and relief supplies in the impacted communities.  Two Emergency response vehicles  from the Central Texas Region have been sent to help with this distribution.  Trained mental health volunteers are being deployed from across the United States to provide mental health and emotional support for those who have lost so much.  Preparedness messages are being sent throughout the regions where additional storms are predicted for the coming hours and days.  We will stay with these communities as they begin the long road back to recovery.

Again, thank you for making all of this possible.  Without you, the Red Cross could not fulfill our humanitarian mission.





April Volunteer Spotlight

Heart of Texas Chapter: Beverly Dull


Beverly is our power house Disaster Lead for the Heart of Texas Chapter. From handling shelter agreements, setting the training schedule, and teaching new software, there is not much that Beverly can’t do.

Beverly is in the office almost every day and single-handedly ran the Waco office Disaster Action Team response without a blink of an eye for a good part of March. Beverly Dull truly embodies the heart of the Red Cross. Her passion and commitment to helping others sets the bar high for what the Red Cross looks for in volunteers.


West Central Texas Chapter: Jeanette Chesser

Jeannette Chesser

Based in Brownwood, Jeannette is a Disaster Action Team Captain and an invaluable asset to the chapter.  She has responded to numerous fires and has mentored new team members.   With her help, the Brownwood area volunteer base has grown into an energetic and vibrant group.


Central Texas Chapter: Mike McDiarmid

Mike McDiarmid

Mike is a new volunteer with our Logistics team in Austin. Seconds after his application finished processing and be became an official volunteer he was driving the trucks around and helping to fix them. He’s done multiple blanket runs to San Antonio and Waco while simultaneously completing his introductory training. He has quickly become a go-to Logistics driver.


Hill Country Chapter: Patti Morin

Patti Morin

Patti is one of the volunteer leads with the Hill Country Chapter in Kerrville.  She works at the Veterans Hospital and has been a great representative of the volunteers in a time of transition for the chapter.  She has helped keep the Red Cross mission moving forward over the past year in the Hill Country.




Would you like to become a Red Cross Volunteer? Visit our website for more information!